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Busy Day In The Home Gym!

I woke up early today and felt pretty good and it was a good thing because I had a lot I wanted to get done in the garage. My first order of business on today’s fitness agenda was my normal strength. That felt pretty good too.

First thing today was my three sets of five front squats. The weight I had to lift with these squats was 205 pounds. It’s not heavy but my body’s not quite used to the bar being near my throat like it is for these front squats. My being very upright with the squats keeps the bar even closer to my neck though but that’s a good thing and the proper way to do the front squats. My elbows are staying higher each session too but that’s more less muscle memory returning after neglecting front squats save the occasional WOD for a couple of years. I worked quickly through the sets today with not that much rest between and they were fairly fast and explosive reps.

Next up I had my strict presses for three sets of five. These were pretty heavy for me at the 117 pounds. They felt and looked great today though. I needed very little rest for these shoulder presses and that surprised me given that they’re pretty heavy. There’s no way to predict how strict presses will feel for me They’re the one life that’s fine until it’s not.

It’s a day early for me but I thought I’d give my twenty rep back squats at least a half assed try since I felt good and was warmed up from the front squats. This week I have to do 240 pounds for twenty reps. The weight honestly felt pretty good and light but I was off center on the bar for my working set and my adjustments between reps just couldn’t seem to get it to feel quite right today. I aborted the plan after the sixth rep even though I felt that I could get through them. These squats are much heavier than I expected to make it with the twenty rep squats and being slight off at such a weight is not a fire that I am willing to play with.

Finally I had my deadlifts today which I did five sets of three. I performed the DL at 255 pounds and they felt great today. I felt like I was moving really well with them.

The music choice for today was Gorod

After recovering an hour or so and devouring some fold I decided to go ahead and get this week’s vault WOD done. It was actually a repeat of one I did last year so it was definitely one that I wanted to test myself. Plenty deadlifts, hang power cleans and burpees over the bar were to be performed for this WOD. Last time I had used 115 on the bar and came in well over the time goal (burpees over the bar in our tight space slow me down quite a bit.) This time I wasn’t feeling quite so aggressive after today’s strength so I went with 95 pounds. After completing the WOD I realized that I should have gone with the 115 again but I still got a good workout in.

The deadlifts and hang cleans were all very fast. As I expected I got bogged down a bit on the burpees over the bar but caution to me is more important than speed. A face plant into the rack is not all that conducive to my fitness goals. I can’t really complain since I knocked off about four minutes from my previous time. I could have beat my previous time using the 115 too. My hang cleans were just violent today.

WOD music was Some Brutal death metal stream.

Shortly after I completed the WOD we did our bro lifts together These are the lowest on my priority so I have no issues what at all with scaling back the weight or reps if I am tired from strength or WODs.

Today I did just that. I lowered my weight for the dumbbell bench press from the 60s I used the last time we did this down to the 50s. I did the same for the three point rows. Okay well I have to be completely honest here and admit that part of the reason is I was just too lazy to pick up the 60s. For the other stuff I stuck with the 35s but it felt good regardless. It’s been really enjoyable to do this stuff together and I will keep doing it as long as it does not adversely affect my mobility for the important things.

Bro shit music was Nevermore