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It's A Rainy Day And I Didn't Feel Like Doing It But My Strength Today Was Successful

Continuing the theme of the week I am feeling pretty tired and lazy today. The fact that yesterday was a rainy day and now today is rainy also but not as heavy of a rain as yesterday makes matters worse. It’d not one of those washout days today. It’s really just raining enough to keep everything wet. These kind of fall days just make you not feel like really doing anything but lay around all day.

I finally got the energy to get my ass in gear and at least give my strength for the day a shot. As it turns out I did fairly well considering how little I actually felt like doing it.

The squats were a moderately heave 245 today. Normally it would just be a moderate weight but being so tired and not into it today it felt really crushing. The strangest thing about it feeling so heavy is I worked through the sets more quickly than I normally do. The other unexpected thing is that they felt very explosive today. More explosive than they’ve felt in quite a while. They were probably the fastest and most powerful squats I’ve done since my whole quad thing a month or two ago and that’s even including the lighter weight sets. All in all I got through the three sets pretty easily.

The strict presses were nothing special today at a lowly 102 pounds for three sets of five. The truth of the matter is it’s probably a good thing. My shoulders are still cooked from several WODS this week including yesterday’s WOD including rowing, hang cleans and push presses at 115. Most of my push presses were really just strict. Oops.

Next up were the power cleans and a fairly heavy for me 180 pounds. I had to do five sets of three at these and I allowed, well more less forced myself to take a little longer of a rest period between my sets than I typically do. While the wait felt somewhat heavier as the sets went on I got faster and more explosive save one rep where I just didn’t quite time the getting under the bar the most efficiency. Bad reps are bound to happen but my goal is to keep it to the minimum number of bad reps and prevent bad habits from taking over. Turns out I wasn’t doing even a quarter of a squat to get under them and today I was doing well turning it into a partial squat rather than jumping my feet wider like the normal tendency I have when I think power cleans.

The music for the day was Cephalic Carnage.