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My Strength Workout Really Surprised Me Today

I woke up early today feeling really off. My head is very stuffy along with a headache and have been sitting here this morning hoping that I’m not getting sick. It would be just my luck to get COVID by some fluke while we’ve been taking all the precautions we can. I’ve also been tired but the house down the street’s fireplace smoke kept me awake later last night. I did mange sleep good once I got to sleep though.

The squats were at 230 pounds today. Really not a difficult weight at all for me but I wasn’t sure how it would feel with how off I’ve been feeling. The warm up sets were feeling pretty good and then they felt better as they got progressively heavier. To a point lifts always feel better to me once I start adding some weight. These past few squat sessions I have been feeling like I am moving with much ease and about as close to perfection as I can realistically get.

Next up was the strict presses at 125 pounds. Decently heavy for me to do five reps but I got through them easily. I was wondering why they felt so heavy for a warm up set when I realized the 45 pound bar + two 25 pound plates + two 15 pound plates adds up to 125. I had it in my mind that I had the tens on the bar and had fives in my hand, well I actually put them on the bar before it actually clicked that I had the weight wrong. Thankfully I didn’t have the disappointment of failure when I shouldn’t have.

Finally I did my deadlifts at only 235 pounds this week and bumped it up to threes instead of singles.

I was hoping to get my 2pood belt to give that a try with the deadlifts before they got heavy to get used to the feel of it and how to use it but unfortunately that’s still in transit someplace. I imagine that the post office along with other delivery services are getting slammed this year for Christmas with less people traveling and stuff.

Anyways back to the deadlifts. They felt perfect today. I am managing to be able to set up the DL with my hips a bit higher which I’ve been working on doing for a long while. I don’t know where I got in the habit of not ding that but it popped up sometime. I felt like I had more hamstring and glue drive today with them than I typically do.

We did some other things when the girlfriend got home from work. We had to run to the store to pick up a few things, namely sour cream for the tacos tomorrow because someone left it sit out last week and that someone would not be me. Shit happens.

After getting home and settled we did the shift version of yesterday’s WOD. It was burpees, dumbbell dead lifts and hang snatches. The dumbbell deadlifts feel weird to me. They look good and Molly confirmed that but they feel off. I’ve been taking more opportunities to practice the movement recent so I can become more comfortable with it. The hang power snatches were a non issue for me. I went through those all unbroken even though it was 9 at a time per side. I used the 30 pound weights for this WOD considering my shoulder feels kinda shot from yesterday. It always make sense to scale the weight appropriately, sometimes it’s a bit up and other times like today maybe a bit lighter.

The music for today was Deeds Of Flesh.