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Good Day In The Garage Again

I once again had a great night of sleep last night. Nothing woke me up at all last night except once to piss and that’s when I took my thyroid pill.

I was feeling good and ready to go out in the garage this morning after taking Brooke off to the bus stop. Last night I wasn’t sure how today was going to go for my lifting since I stepped just right on the wheel to the bench and rolled my ankle and heard a pop. It didn’t even hurt but my food felt cold after that happened. Who else besides me has the skills that it takes to do completely stupid shit like that? I walked it off and it was fine and felt normal this morning so I was happy.

First up today was my back squats at a moderate weight of 230 pounds for three sets of five. With my foot incident last evening I took my time warming up the squats and did more warm up sets than I normally would do with smaller jumps just to make sure my ankle was fine. They felt heavy as they should have bet were easy enough for the weight. They looked great and felt nice and explosive enough. I got through my three working sets easily enough and my foot didn’t bother me so that was good.

Strict presses were up next for my three sets of five. These are getting up there in weight now at 122 pounds. With my shoulder the heavier ones had been a struggle for quite a while but today again it gave me no issues at all. While I felt like my right side was pushing a little faster than my weaker left side it wasn’t enough to make it a big deal. On the video it didn’t even show as being uneven at all. I just felt like my stronger side was working a little more.

Power cleans were next on today’s program and I did my five triples at a pretty heavy for me 170 pounds. These were and felt pretty heavy but I didn’t have any reps that were close to failing. My foot as fine for these power cleans as well so that was a good feeling. I did take longer rest between my sets than I normally do but I did that because of my foot and the heaviness of them. In hindsight I did not need the logner rest period but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I did a WOD next. Row 750 meters and then 60 hang cleans with the sandbag then row another 750 meters. The cleans were full squat but I refuse to use the term “squat cleans” because it is and sounds fucking stupid. The WOD went well enough for me considering I hadn’t rested after my heavier lifts today. I just picked a way at the cleans breaking them up into quick smaller sets than I normally would since my legs felt so tired by this time. I completed it in the lower end of the goal time.

After the WOD I just grabbed the cushions and took them out to the chairs by the table on the patio and relaxed in the 50 degree high noon sunshine and just enjoyed the heat on my face. The high temperature today was 30℉ higher than the low. There’s just something that feels awesome about strong sunshine on your skin. It just felt good to lean back and slowly drink my water after the lifting and WOD.

Music today was Septicflesh.