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Late Again Today But Did My Lifting

A night of poor sleep from drinking and just not sleeping well. I got out of bed at 3:00 am or so and was thinking to take a nap but that didn’t happen.

We had Brooke in the morning and that was of course fun.

We headed off to Lancaster to get our IDs renewed. We decided to bite the bullet and do the REAL ID thing and had gathered all of our stuff we needed. Of course we couldn’t use our birth certificates. Oh well, we’re not really in a rush to get that taken care of.

Finally we got home after that fiasco and some other running around. I devoured a sandwich then got changed to tackle today’s lifts.

Back squats were up first. These felt unexpectedly good with how much of a zombie I am feeling like today. I did three sets of five at a thankfully fairly moderate weight of 215 pounds. Molly said they looked great and they felt it too. I could have easily done more sets for more work but between feeling dead tired and having heavier deadlifts later today wasn’t the day for those games. I was happy with what I did and just to get under the bar.

Next up were my pretty light strict presses at just 95 pounds today for three sets of five. These were supposed to bet at 127 pounds today but I made a preemptive and I think smart judgment call today to lower my weight before failing. I will take last session’s heavy ones feeling great and playing with near heavy single weight afterwards as a big win for now. Today’s strict presses felt good and with them being so light I easily got through my three sets of five with no issues at all.

Last things last today I had my relatively heavy deadlifts at 275 pounds for five singles. This is where I thought I would have trouble with being so tired and all but somehow the warm up sets and reps felt great. I felt like I was moving really well with them. The working weight is what really caught me off guard. For being such a heavy weight for me with deadlifts they felt great. They felt easy and super explosive. I kept the rest down to just about a minute between the deadlifts because they ended up feeling so great. Molly said they looked great and easy and my back stayed perfectly solid.

My lifts went much better than I expected they would.

Music today was Alice In Chains.