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I Felt Like Being A Lazy Ass Today But I Got My Strength Done

This morning is one of those days that what I really felt like and wanted to just lay in bed on my tablet or something. Playing with the grandkid yesterday wore me out, plus he twisted my neck sideways climbing on me. My legs honestly don’t feel recovered from Friday’s very heavy weights, but I finally got my shit together and decided to at least give my strength for the day a shot. As it always happens except maybe once or twice in my fitness career, I managed to do what I needed to do even though I truly felt like I couldn’t.

I began the day with my three sets of five front squats. They were thankfully light, but at the same time even the bar felt heavy for me. The warm-ups felt much heavier than they should have, and the working set felt like a moderate weight, even though it was a light 195 pounds for me. It was a back to the basics, just get them done type of day. I did no extra sets, but worked my way through the three sets with no issues. My legs just feel like they weren’t having very much energy today.

After the squats, I moved onto the strict press. I did three sets of five of these at 107 pounds, thankfully again it was a fairly light weight for me. These didn’t feel nearly as bad as the squats did today. I took a bit of a longer rest than I normally do and completed my sets with no problems at all.

Today is the third day, so it was power cleans. These felt heavier than they should have, too. I did five sets of three of the cleans at 160 pounds. They just felt a bit slower than normal, although they looked good and didn’t look slow at all.

Music for today’s strength was A Pale Horse Named Death

Later on, we did a team WOD together. It was nice to get one of those in again as it’s been quite a while. They’ve been mostly ones that we don’t have the space to do together, or maybe something that wouldn’t be ideal for her knees or something. We each had to do 20 rounds of 10 burpees and 20 air squats. Holy shit, I didn’t realize just how dead my legs are today. The other mistake that we made was not turning on the air conditioner before doing the WOD. It was around 90 today but didn’t feel too bad with the humidity being relatively low for now. I just felt overheated. It’s definitely not my favorite type of WOD, but I was happy to do a team workout together, though.

We listened to Nightwish for the WOD.

We also got a nice mile or so evening walk in after supper. Great way to wrap up a good day!