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Busy Day In The Garage Including My 700th Street Parking WOD

This morning I woke up feeling surprisingly refreshed and as if I slept well. I wasn’t expecting that at all with having eaten heavy food and a couple of drinks at Joy’s last night. Joy’s wings are excellent!

I knew today was going to be a busier day in the garage since I was planning on hitting my 700th Street Parking WOD with Molly but I was at 698. Why can’t I be more dishonest and count the one that I had accidentally logged on the wrong day yesterday? :haha: Wodify not being designed for the number of members that street parking has makes it painful and barely possible to delete results.

As soon as I thought it wouldn’t bother the neighbors I got started with my strength for the day. As I usually do I began the day with the front squats. For these squats today I had to do five sets of three at 225. They felt really heavy today but I managed to get through them. My legs are already feeling dead. My form didn’t crack at all even though the weight felt very challenging so that was the good part.

Next up I had my bench press. This was at a lighter 150 pounds. My bad arm just didn’t seem like it wanted to press it at all so I passed on the bench today. Disappointing but shit happens. There’s always next time.

Finally I had my good mornings for the day. With all I knew I had to get done today and the fact that my legs felt dead already I kept these at the 95 pounds today. I easily got though my sets.

I drank my protein and rested an hour or so before attacking my first WOD of the day. This one I did by myself. It was a ladder or pull ups and weighted step ups. The pull ups I kept to about 95 percent chest to bar and broke them up at the right points that I could keep going with them. The weighted step ups weren’t bad either. They were all unbroken sets for me but as always they were more of a slow and steady pace rather than a print. Visually they’re tough for me weighted or non weighted and today the way the sun was coming in made it a bit worse. Just like anything else in my books safe movement is better than as fast as possible if it’s a visual movement or something I’m not super proficient at. Still I was at or close to the goal score for the WOD so that was a nice surprise for me.

Music for my strength was After Forever

After I recovered a few hours, Molly decided she was ready to do a WOD together. Simple sprint type of WOD with five rounds of 10 sandbag bear complexes and 15 burpees. It was one I could go all out on each individual round with. I could have done with out the keeping time for each round but that doesn’t really matter a whole lot to me.

All but the fourth round felt great like a true sprint. The fourth I felt a little puky so trying to control that while still performing the bear complexes made things more interesting to say the least. I lost about thirty seconds on that particular round from the other four. Shit happens though and I kept moving so that felt good. That was the only one short of the goal time.

The WOD took a lot out of me. The heat did too. We should have turned on the air conditioner before hand. Naturally the humidity broke just after we finished the WOD because that’s just the way nature likes to mock me.

Music for the second WOD that we did together was Arch Enemy.

It was a good day. I felt a bit like a zombie for hours afterwards but it was a good thing to really feel like I did push myself. Even in the evening I felt a bit off and run down. I was pretty shaky and exhausted for some time. I drank a soda and ate something salty and that seemed to help settle me down a bit. I was absolutely pouring sweat from that second WOD.