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Got My Shit Done In The Garage Early Today

Last night we went to Joy’s and ate a pretty heavy supper as we usually do. Add in the drinks that we had, and I had expected a crappy night’s sleep, like often happens when I drink. That wasn’t the case at all, though. I only woke up once and ended up having a great night’s sleep, albeit not long enough.

Luckily, I got up a little later this morning at around 5:00 AM, rather the 4:00 – 4:30 I’ve been waking up. I drank my coffee and relaxed a while before heading out to the garage.

It was about 8:30 or so, and I was itching to get started with my lifts. I figured that was late enough to not have to worry about waking the neighbors if I should happen to miss a lift. I didn’t anticipate any misses today but shit happens sometimes.

Beginning with my back squats, I knew that I was in for a great day in the garage. Even though my hip was a tad bit angry, I felt great with the warm-up sets of those squats. Once I made it to my working weight of two hundred twenty-five pounds, they were really feeling great. I went ahead and did five sets of five at the weight instead of the three sets that were programmed. My only issue at all that I had with them was during the fourth set. I must have been just ever so slightly off center in the rack, the plates were barely clipping the safety as I was squatting. It was a bit distracting, but didn’t slow me down at all. With me being visually impaired, there are times when I just may not be lined up quite right because I can’t see very well. This was one of those cases.

Once I finished up with the back squats, I moved on to strict presses. These were a light hundred and seven pounds for five sets of five today. They felt pretty good. They actually felt better as I progressed through the sets, and the fifth one felt the best. I guess I could safely say they felt a little heavier that the light 107 pounds should have for me, but these days happen every so often.

Lastly, for my lifts, I moved on to the power cleans. This is where things got interesting for me today for several reasons. First, when I was loading the bar up after my warm-up set, I was putting on 160 pounds instead of the one hundred and fifty-five pounds that was programmed. I just happened to check my notes before doing the first set and caught the error in my ways. The first set of cleans felt pretty good, but at the same time something felt off with them. I realized after I completed the set that I hadn’t pushed the clips back onto the bar after pulling off the 2 ½ plates, and the one side had the weight’s slide outwards a good bit. Other than that, they felt good. The rest of the sets felt really great, with very fast elbows and great pulls. I worked my way through the five triples pretty quickly.

When I did the last set, I kept the bar racked and tried a nice heavy strict press at that hundred and fifty-five pounds because I could. My shoulder has been really feeling a lot better, so why not, right? That would be just five pounds under my max. I did the press and made it, and it really felt pretty easy for as heavy of a weight it was for me. That had me in a happy mood! Molly was surprised when I did it and said it looked good. She could tell that my left side is the weaker side because that was a little behind the right in the lockout. Hell, I was surprised with how easy it went. It was also really disappointing that I didn’t set up my phone to record anything today, and especially this.

I recovered just a few minutes on the couch after I was finished with the cleans. It was only maybe fifteen or twenty minutes tops. I wanted to get right to this week’s vault WOD, since I wasn’t looking forward to it at all.

The WOD was rowing for calories, which I am not really that much of a fan of. As I have said before, I just don’t have a great feel for the calorie rowing like I do for distance.

It had a burpee and toes to bar movenent in it, which wasn’t really a great movement for me with the low pull up bar and tight space to do a burpee facing it to begin with. I scaled it to knees to elbows, so I didn’t risk slamming my feet into the floor too hard. I can’t even begin to count how many times I caught myself trying to do a burpee pull up, which I normally do. It was just muscle memory to go great into that pull up, but that wasn’t what was programmed today. I did them slowly and meticulously, since it’s such an odd combo for me.

After that, it was back to the rowing machine for more calories. Finally, it was on to 30 regular burpees, which no one likes unless they’re a liar. The WOD was that twice through.

I ended up being well over the goal time for this particular WOD, and I was fine with it. I expected that it would go that way. I have a realistic grasp on what I am good and bad at. I was a bit slower than I expected, but I didn’t consider that it was going to be so damned humid while doing the WOD. I was pouring sweat the whole time and had to keep wiping it away from my eyes, so I could see what I was doing for the burpees.

Music today was Acid Bath