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Another Great Day For My Lifts,fs A Pattern?

I woke up with very low expectations for my lifts today. I just felt like I slept very poorly. My Garmin disagreed, but I know I got woken up a few times overnight. My head’s been a little stuffy with the air becoming much more humid, and I was just tired all morning. I was half falling asleep on the couch waiting for Brooke to get dropped off. Very shortly after she left on the school bus, I got changed and headed out to the garage.

Back squats were where I got started, and boy was I feeling mentally and physically tired when I got started on them. The warm-up sets actually felt good though, and I had no problems keeping my focus, which is always my biggest concern on days like this when I’ve feeling just so tired. When I got to my working sets, they felt great. I was moving really well and with ease, even at the moderate weight of 215 pounds. I took ample rest between sets, more than I would on a different day, and took my time and worked my way through them. I even threw in two extra sets of five by five today. The video I took of one of the sets shows that squats actually looking about as perfect as would be possible for me, I think.

I moved on to shoulder press next. With these strict presses, I had to do a heavier end of moderate weight of 117 pounds for my five sets of three. They’ve been even more challenging with my arm, but today they felt great and easy. They looked fantastic form wise too. I ended up even adding in a couple of extra sets for five sets of five, with the shoulder presses just feeling excellent today. I took a nice long three minutes rest between sets but never felt even so much as a twinge in my arm. I’m thrilled about it, too!

Finally, I moved on to my power cleans at 165 pounds. It’s a moderate weight for the five triples, but they did feel a little heavier today than they should have. Likely from the extra work earlier plus all of those bear complexes yesterday. I worked through my sets with no problems and like the other lifts today my videos shows great technique which is what I am more concerned with than sloppier heavier ones. Unlike last time, my timing seemed to be right on today.

It really was another great day for my lifts in the garage today. It’s the third great day in a row. I’m really hoping that it’s a sign of my funk and feeling pretty run down for most of January is over, and I’m getting in a good place now.

A little while later, I did a WOD. The WOD had push-ups, overhead kettle bell swings and air squats in it. I did much better than I expected with it. I was able to go unbroken on all the sets of push-ups. My arm didn’t act up! The kettle bell swings were between eye level and overhead. Overhead kettle bell swings are fucking dumb. The air squats were just busy work.

Music today was Dio.