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Almost To Body Weight For My Twenty Rep Squats

Today went surprisingly well for what ended up being more less a rest day other than my normal Monday 20 rep back squat program from street parking that I thought I’d try out.. I started way back at 135 pounds since high reps have never been my thing. I’ve always had a more challenging time with higher reps of squats for some reason so this has been going surprisingly well.

This session I was to do 195 with a body weight of 198 or so and I got through the set easily. The last reps even looked good. I always video myself so I can critique my form and make sure I’m performing safe movements. Why not use the tools that are available to you? This has really helped me at times push myself when squats or what ever other lifts have felt pretty rough but the video shows it was fast and looked good.

About rep 15 or so I started coughing on dry air though. After that I was thinking I may be done for this session but I got that under control and finished the last 5 reps easily. I was debating in my head at that moment whether I would count it as a failure and switch to front squats or try again next week. In the end none of it mattered since I managed to finish it out. The reps were fast, I would even go so far as to say they were more explosive towards the end. Don’t get me wrong, today was painful in the legs with lactic acid build up. That hasn’t happened too much so far but today it was a factor

I’m looking forward to next week now. That will almost certainly be over body weight for me unless I eat like an asshole. All along I’ve been losing body fat but now suddenly it’s showing up on the scale again.

I’ve definitely been enjoying the challenge of something different with the whole twenty rep squat thing. It’s been mentally challenging at time but rewarding in a lot of ways. It’s been giving me something to look forward to on Mondays. The squats have been a huge boost in leg endurance for WODS, that’s for sure.

I was more than happy with my results today since I was feeling so tired and run down. Other than the squats I made it a rest day since I felt like it was time for one. I don’t have any rest days set in stone like most people. I just go by how I am feeling and keep a flexible schedule. In the end how much difference does it really make whether I do WOD today or tomorrow? Life has a way of fucking up any plans I make anyways.