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My Heavy Squats Today Felt Great Again

Poor sleep last night, not enough sleep last night and I woke up something like 3:00 AM. We were out of bananas which is what I usually eat for breakfast. My knee was achy. I wasn’t looking forward to my heavy squats in any way today.

At least I had fun with Brooke this morning. We played restaurant where she made a plate full of the toy food. I grabbed the small plyo box from the garage and brought it in then sat the two yellow change plates on it so she had burners to “cook” the food. She loved it. She also wanted a horsey ride so of course I did it. We ran to the bus stop.

My day began with the heavy back squats today at 250 pounds for five sets of three. Even though I say it’s heavy it’s not close to the heaviest I’ve done but it’s been quite a while now since I broke 245. Remember I did front squats for a while last year too. With my knee feeling inflamed this morning I had no idea how this was going to go but I didn’t have high hopes at all. I accepted the fact that I was probably going to lower the weight.

The warm ups felt progressively better as I added weight to the bar. At some point during the lighter warm up sets my knee cracked and that’s just what it needed to do. I’ve been thinking that all morning but just couldn’t make it crack. The heavy sets at my working weight actually ended up feeling and looking great. Nice very deep and upright squats with an explosive drive out of the hole. I completed my three sets of five pretty easily today.

Strict press was up next. On these the weight is starting to get up there a bit for me with the 115 pounds I had to do today for three sets of five. They felt great and my arm / shoulder felt awesome too. They felt pretty easy. The only reason I kept it at just the three sets if the fact that I am so tired and want to save some energy for the vault WOD if I choose to do it tonight.

Power cleans were last at 165 pounds. It’s not heavy but it’s not a light weight either and felt a lot heavier today than it should have. Being tired will do that to you. They looked great in spite of the fact that they felt slow and off.

It was an unexpectedly great day for me in the garage today.

Music today was Obscura