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Played With The Strongman Sandbag For The First Time In Months.

We have been wanting to do a D-ball WOD for a long time. We just haven’t done it for various reasons. It’s been a hot and humid summer. Today Molly has off, and I remembered a straightforward WOD I found while searching for old WODs to do yesterday that had a suggested D-Ball option. It intrigued me when I saw it yesterday, and I intended to do it then, but I lost track of time and never got around to it.

I was just feeling a little off yesterday, so I kept waiting to feel better, but it never really happened. I think I was just hungry because I did feel a little better after we went to Harvey’s for an early supper. That’s just so filling, though, and I never felt digested enough to do a WOD after eating it until the Phillies game came on.

We got caught up this summer in doing the poorly done team WOD challenge, or whatever they called it. They picked, in my opinion, the worst way to make WOD’s team ones, by doing all sorts of synchro shit. Being visually impaired makes that less fun. Really, that’s just an exercise in frustration for me. It’s like when WODs are made “cute” some people have tried to do. If Molly didn’t care so much about the trophy, I would have focused on the odd object and sled WODs, but she wanted the trophy. I don’t need the gamification. I do this stuff for my health and because I enjoy it.

The other thing they’ve had a habit of doing lately is really complicating WODs needlessly. I guess they think that makes them more “fun” or interesting. Oh, well. Luckily, I’ve added to my favorites a bunch that I can get a good workout out of, and they have a lot of the older ones available.

The WOD was three DB squat cleans followed by a thirty-second plank. After the plank, I did three more cleans. We were supposed to do that every two minutes for eight rounds. I miscounted, and we only did seven. Oh, well. My goal with this was to get some reps in on my heavier, one hundred and fifteen pound strongman sandbag. I didn’t care too much about the score, which was the number of rounds completed. It was more about getting good quality reps in with the heavy sandbag. I wound up completing five, which I was happy with. I was hoping to get four.

The sandbag squats felt great! I never have a problem squatting, and weight helps me a lot. The hardest part about these is getting my hands evenly under them to get a good setup. I try to take an extra second to get it right rather than doing crappy reps that at best look like shit and at worst could trash my back. Being rusty with the strongman bag, I took it even a little slower and more cautiously. It’s not always about the score. Friday was a day when it was about going all out with alternating dumbbell snatches because I’m comfortable and confident with those, The Strongman bag not so much yet.

Music was Rush