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Fairly Heavy Day Today

Last night, I slept pretty decently. Not long enough because for some reason I woke up early, but I was feeling refreshed enough. It was a great night for sleeping, with the temperature dropping into the lower sixties with the fan on and the windows open. I didn’t wake up at all other than that so I had to take my thyroid pill then wait around to drink coffee.

When I got up, I was browsing the news. I saw really terrible news about some girl in Kensington. That name, at least her last name, really seems to ring a bell for me like I went to school with someone with her last name. She’s too young, but maybe a relative lived in Croydon. It really is sad how so many people have run into so much trouble with heroin. That’s had me in a bit of a WTF type of funk this morning.

Now on to more positive things. I get changed and got my ass in gear to head out into the garage gym after the mail came. I was looking forward to pushing myself with my lifts today.

I began my day with the thankfully moderately weighed back squats. They felt pretty good for my three sets of five at the two hundred and thirty pounds. I was moving really well and got through them pretty quickly. They didn’t feel heavy to me at all today. The only reason I opted not to do extra sets is the fact that the other stuff would be heavy.

Strict press were up next. For today’s workout, the plan was one hundred and twenty-seven pounds for three sets of five. While I was getting beyond before my shoulder thing last spring, It’s been a while since I made that weight for the three sets. I have gotten to it, but they were really tough, and I really felt it a lot in my shoulder. Today they felt easy, and I felt nothing in my shoulder. If anything, the one that was weaker before felt just the same and as strong as my right side today. I really didn’t even slow down that much with the shoulder presses today. It feels outstanding to be able to push the weights again without any discomfort.

For my last lifts of the day for I had to do five triples of power cleans at an even hundred and eighty pounds. It’s been about eight months since I’ve been under this weight for various reason, and today they felt great. I was hardly getting under the weight because it was getting so high. The pulls were feeling really solid and fast. I did notice that I was jumping ever so slightly forward for some reps, but only by an inch or so. That didn’t convert me too much. I just had confidence with the weight today. I wish every day could be like this. If I had a little more room to bail and was more willing to drop the bar, I am sure I’d push it a little more than I do now.

Today for me turned out to be an outstanding day in the home gym. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I truly thought I was going to fail either the shoulder presses or power cleans, if not both, but they’re turned out to not even be a hint of failure. Of course, I did not want to fail, but I was having realistic expectations that there was a good chance that I would. I wish more days went better than anticipated, like today did!

Music today was Candlemass.