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Strength And Then Some Endurance Today

I slept really well last night. Woke up more than usual but slept well when I did sleep. I felt really recovered today. It was surprising that I slept so well with the air conditioner on. It’s the middle of September and should be cooler and drier but the dew point’s back up there so here we are.

I drank my coffee and looked through some of my news type of sites as I woke up this morning. Just the normal stuff and got to my strength fairly early. I saw the neighbor mowing his lawn so I knew he was awake so I didn’t have to worry about waking them up. I turned on the air conditioner in the garage and left it run for a little while before heading out to get started. About a half an hour later I got changed and got started.

The front squats were up first for the day and they were a moderate weight of 215 pounds for three sets of five. I guess when I switched over to front squats this was on the heavier end of the spectrum for me but it feels nice and fairly light now. These felt great today. Surprisingly, they felt very easy for me given the weight. I easily completed my sets and moved on. I did no extras since I was planning on at least attempting my twenty rep squats in the afternoon.

Strict presses were up next. These were light for me still at a mere 100 pounds but this is the lift of the day that I was the most happy with. My arm didn’t even feel tight with them. It’s been a long time since it’s not at least protested a little. I worked through the three sets of five and did two extra sets since they did feel so great. I also feel like my shoulder wasn’t as tight.

Next I moved on the the power cleans. I did my five sets of three of them at a light 150 pounds. I felt great with my timing on them so they looked great too. I got through them quickly with zero misses.

After I recovered a few minutes I decided to tackle an older endurance WOD I found interesting. It was 5 rounds of row 1200 meters then an equal time of rest before the next 1200 meters. This was simple enough to do. Many of the endurance WODs are just too overly complicated. I guess in theory it would be helpful but I can see the clock or the rower to go fast and slow and what not changing the timer intervals.

I like the endurance simple. Normally I will just sit on the rower and do 5000 or 10000 meters. I do like to mix it up at times with the Street Parking endurance WODs though as long as they’re not overly complicated. This one fit what I wanted to do just right.

Later on in the afternoon I attempted and aborted my twenty rep squats for this week. It’s a very heavy weight for me at 255 pounds but the back squats actually felt great and were very explosive, at least the five reps I did. After the fourth rep my neck cracked. I didn’t hurt or anything. I’m guessing that it was just the heavy weight pressing down on me stretched it. I did one more rep than walked it back in since I knew all I would be thinking about the rest of this set was my neck cracking. I need to be fully focused on my squats to do this weight now that would be a 15 pound PR. I may try again later in the week.

Music for today was Illogicist