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Starting 2021 Off Right

A great sunrise for the start of 2021

his is a picture of a great sunrise on New Years Day.

Not that it really makes a difference given dates and calendars are a made up thing that only matters to humans but we’re beginning a new year. This particular year started with a great sunrise and I happened to notice it in time to be able to catch at least a reasonable picture of it with my phone. The phone’s photos didn’t really do it the justice that it deserves but it’s better than nothing. I really wanted a picture of the nearly full moon shining through pink glowing clouds as the sun was still below the horizon but close enough to under light the high clouds but the phone didn’t’ capture the colors too well.

The other great thing about today is I did today’s WOD which while it was challenging I felt good about my results. It was a ladder from 1 to 10 of each, power cleans, push press back squats and finally sandbag facing burpees.

My time wasn’t as good as it could have been. Burpees exasperated the fact that I needed to take a piss during the WOD and eventually would up running up stairs in the middle of it to just do that. That hasn’t happened in a while but it could have been worse. A few months back I had to take a shit in the middle of the WOD.

Either way I was pretty happy with my time on this WOD considering burpees are slow for me when ever it’s over any sort of object. I did them but I tend to be overly cautious due to my poor vision.

I used the 50 pound sandbag today with my bicep being somewhat angry still from the sudden half marathon row the other day. I hadn’t done anything leading up to that. I had wanted to use the 75 pounds but in the end I just thought it may not be the best of ideas for this day but regardless I got a great workout in. Basically the sandbag stuff was all unbroken until round eight when I started breaking up the cleans but not the rest of the stuff. They’re all movements I’m confident in so I was able to get through them quickly enough. Hell the push presses were mostly strict presses until maybe the round of nine or ten I’d guess. I wasn’t really keeping track of that part of it. The back squats aren’t even close to being an issue for me. The weight is light enough that it really just makes them feel a little bit better than air squats do.

It was nice to start off the near year with a fun WOD and nice sunrise.

The music for today was Alkaloid.