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Surprisingly, Strength And A WOD Felt Pretty Good Today

I woke up early today feeling really tired after I went to bed late last night. I really didn’t sleep that much or that well last night. I was pretty wound up from watching the election for one and I did too tough and longer WODS in the evening and the Sandbag WOD of the week earlier yesterday.

The first thing I had for today was my three sets of five squats. At least they weren’t too heavy at 225. They felt really good and I got through them pretty easily.

Next up was the three sets of five bench presses at 180 pounds. This is relatively heavy for me. It definitely felt pretty heavy but doable without much difficulty. The highest I’ve made it on the bench press portion of my strength program has been succeeding at the 185. I really half expected the bench to be more of a struggle today after doing the the 80 devil presses yesterday. My shoulders feel shot but I had no issues with the bench so I am pleased with that

The Good mornings were at 80 pounds. Nothing special and that won’t be changing at all anyways since I have zero intentions of really pushing these.

After that I decided to work on weighted pull ups again. I did a 20 minute EMOM of one at 52 pounds on every minute. They felt easier today than the other week when I did the same with 50 pounds. I’d originally wanted to only go up by one pound but I grabbed the wrong plates. Shit happens.

The WOD was long and tough for me. I did the dumbbell version but they weren’t the tricky part of me. I did the box step up and overs rather than the programmed jump overs due to lowish ceiling and not enough failure room in our garage. Regardless of that I got a good workout in. The Rx isn’t all that important to me anymore.