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Another Week On My Twenty Rep Back Squats Done

It’s another funday Sunday which is around the time of the week that I attempt my twenty rep back squats. It’s not always on Sunday. it’s either Saturday, Sunday or Monday that I try my twenty rep squats depending on how I am feeling.

Yesterday I did give my twenty rep squats a half hearted attempt but aborted quickly. Maybe five reps in they just weren’t’ feeling quite right. It turns out after looking at the video afterwards I just was way off center on the bar for them so it was throwing me off. I mean even yesterday the weight felt doable but I was just feeling off so I decided to walk away safely and try again later.

Today I woke up feeling pretty good so I thought I’d give it another shot this morning and I am glad I did. I successfully completed my twenty reps at the fairly intimidating, especially after yesterday’s attempt, 240 pounds. Weight wise they didn’t even feel all that bad. I mean it was heavy, heavy enough to treat each with the respect I would give a heavy single but they didn’t feel crushing. My form didn’t even crack per the video. On the other hand it felt like my heart wanted to explode.

I am happy with where I am with these. I’ve made it well above where I expected to end this and it doesn’t feel like I am at my twenty rep max as of yet. One bad day could change that though.

The squats may be all that I do today other than our evening walk. My legs and brain feel exhausted now. I think I will relax and play XBOX or maybe go chill out on the patio in the sun if it warms up and clears up more. I’m due for a bit of a recovery day.

My music for the squats Alice In Chains’ Dirt