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Another Nice Day To Do A Box Jump WOD Outside

Although I do very much enjoy box jumps in spite of my visual handicap I do think they are used wrongly and over used in the program we do. Regardless of that there’s something primal about jumping on an object. It brings me back to being a kid growing up with 3 brothers. Among other things it was one of the things you did, if you saw something you tried to jump on or over it.

As an adult box jumps to me can be overwhelming at times. I can get intimidated by them and have been the first few reps since getting a box here at home and being able to do them again. It’s not logical since I’ve only misjumped 3 or for times in my Crossfit times. Those misses were ether due to the fact that I got too sloppy and didn’t line up quite right with the box and one foot was too close to the edge or I just outright over jumped and went over the box. One trick I’ve learned to do to avoid not being centered is to sort of reach down and feel where the edge of the box is. It’s especially useful when my eyes are blurrier than normal from being full of sweat.

Since I’m relatively new to doing the box jumps at home for the time being I’m sticking with the 20 inch side of the box to give me a slightly larger target to land on. The concrete pavers on the patio would be much less forgiving than the rubber floor at the gym. I’ll definitely get back up to doing the 24 inch box jumps again at some point. I just want to get used to jumping again at this point, besides now isn’t the time to get a stupid and preventable injury. Even doing the non RX height I am getting a great workout in.

Early on in Crossfit I wanted to RX everything, now I can RX most things but there are days I choose not to. Maybe I want to go a little slower or maybe I am tired or need more of an active recovery day. I try to keep those days to a minimum and ask my self whether I am being lazy or smart.

After completing the WOD I enjoyed a rum and sprite and we had burgers on the grill for supper. The sun did come out fully so we got to unwind on the patio chairs in the sun for a while after supper.