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My Lifts Felt Better Than I Thought They Would

It was a long night of laying in bed awake. I woke up something like 2:00 AM and laid in bed until I got up and went down stairs. I laid on the couch wide awake there too. By morning time I was feeling pretty tired. I drank my coffee and got at my strength as soon as I thought it was a reasonable time.

Beginning with my back squats this morning I was actually pretty pleasantly surprised with how they did go. I expected them to be a struggle but they felt good. It was a moderate weight of 220 pounds for my five sets of three today. Not overly heavy but not light either and I did them pretty easily with minimal rest between sets. I kept it to the programmed three sets and didn’t do anything extra with them. It’s not the day for that. The only thing I did notice is my knees were feeling a little pissy about the squats, especially the left one but nothing to stop me. I think my quads are just a little angry.

Strict press were up next. These were a light 105 pounds and with being so tired I kept it to just my three sets of five with minimal rest between sets again. They felt really good. I thought that my shoulder might be unhappy after all the push up + dumbbell drag across things I did in yesterday’s WOD but it was fine.

Last up were my power cleans. Even though they were a light five sets of three at 155 pounds I was really pretty nervous about them. Last week the cyst I had on my wrist near the inside of my thumb joint popped out of the blue. I heard it pop and felt it. The next day the rest of my wrist was feeling inflamed but the bump was completely gone. It’s remained gone since then. I didn’t know if that would have any effects on my cleans and thankfully it didn’t. I did them pretty easily with not even any discomfort in the back of my wrist. I easily got through my sets with only two minutes of rest between sets.

Now that I know how it went I am glad I didn’t postpone performing my lifts until tomorrow like I strongly debated on doing this morning. I did keep it in the back of my mind when I decided to go through with it today that I could stop at any point but that applies every day.

Music today was Rush