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Pretty Good Day Lifting Today

Last night, I had a decent night’s sleep. I did wake up about 4:00 AM to take a piss and was unable to go back to sleep. I would have liked and could have used a bit more rest, but I was awake. The most likely reason I was awake is the fact that I smelled the coffee. The cooler weather was nice.

Brooke just sat on the couch upset again. I wish I could help her but she’s having anxiety about something at school the past few days. She gets the sad puppy dog eyes and it kills me. At the bus stop she talked to her friend that didn’t miss the bus for a change.

After her bus left I came home and got changed and headed off to the garage to spend some time in my happy spot. I’m happy but lifting is just something that puts me at peace. It’s only me against the weights and my eyes aren’t much of a factor for a change.

Back squats were up first in today’s plans. They were a moderate weight at two hundred and twenty pounds. It was programmed for me to do three sets of five, but they felt good and got better each set, so I bumped that up to five sets. Although my knee was bugging me a little yesterday while rowing, tripped over a busted up and heaved up sidewalk again. It really didn’t give me any problems while squatting. It only felt a little off during the rest period of my warm-up sets. I took my time and made them all look great. They got deeper and much more mechanical feeling as I got into the later sets.

Next up for the day I had the fairly light strict presses. These were only at a hundred and five pounds, and they felt good. I made my way through the five sets that I did fairly quickly without any issues at all, but with it being a light weight, there shouldn’t have been any problems.

Finally, I had my deadlifts for the day. These unlike the earlier squats and presses were heavy for me at three hundred and fifteen pounds for five singles. That’s been the weight that I have stalled at for a while for a heavy single, so of course I expected that I’d fail.

The warm-up sets felt good. Better than I expected them to. I thought I might have some hesitation with my knee, but there was none of that. Of course, just as I loaded the final plates onto the bar for the working weight, the neighbor pulled up with the big ass riding mower he’s been using to mow his slightly larger than postage stamp sized yard. I had to shut the door and not get the breeze on me and still not hear my music over the racket of that damned mower. It was highly distracting.

I did make the first two reps at the three hundred and fifteen pounds. They looked good too. Even the third rep which I failed looked pretty good. I just couldn’t quite make the lockout. My old failing point was right off the floor, and it was fast off the floor today. Even that heavy one was, so I will count that as a win towards my main goal of getting stronger.

Music For was Motorhead