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Lifts Felt Great Today

I slept pretty good last night. Really I had a better night’s rest that I would have expected with the excitement of today’s weather. I knew it would be extreme weather and definitely one for the record books and the weather geek in me loves that stuff.

My front squats felt really good today for me three sets of five at the 215 pounds. Actually I ended up performing four sets at this weight because they felt great I was was moving so well with them. None of them felt heavy at all today.

Overhead press was next. I did five sets of five of my strict presses at a nice light 102 pounds. I don’t really have any thing to say about them other than the fact that they felt good. Even the awkward one where I was lined up uneven and the plates hit the top of the rack felt great but that goes alone with it being lighter for me.

Finally I did my deadlifts for the day. These again were a light weight at 245 pounds. I did five sets of three of them with it being an easy weight. The biggest take away of the the deadlifts I have today is how gently I was lowering the barbell. I had good spacial awareness for that today and the fact that the weight was well on the lighter side of things for me made it easier to slowly lower it. They looked great too!

Music for today was Atheist