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Christmas Has Been Good Considering

It’s another Christmas day, and it wasn’t going to work out that we could get together this year again, so we will later. The day doesn’t matter, it’s that we do it that matters. Near sunrise this morning, we got out for a nice walk. We did about three miles around town and the weather held off until we were on our way home, we got caught up in some light rain. If it weren’t for the chance of rain today, we’d be doing some geocaching. The walk around town was a nice compromise though, and there wasn’t all that much traffic this morning, so it made for a quiet and peaceful walk.

After we got home, I ate some oatmeal since my stomach has been nonstop growling. I left it digest a bit. I got started with my lifts shortly after eating.

First up were my back squats at a nice moderate weight for three sets of five. My knee is feeling off a bit from the stupid bad sidewalks on our walk, so I stick with just the three sets at 230 pounds. They felt excellent considering the knee thing and I fairly easily and quickly got through those three sets. If it weren’t for the knee, I would have most likely added in some extra sets for more work, but today wasn’t the day for that,

Strict presses were up next. I did three sets of five of the shoulder presses at 107 pounds. For some reason, these felt heavier today than the weight should have. Maybe my shoulders are tired from all the knees to elbows yesterday. I got through them fairly quickly, and Molly said they looked easy. They just felt heavier than they should have.

Finally, I moved on to the power cleans. I did five triples of the cleans at 160 pounds. They felt easy today, but a bit off. I am thinking that I was just misjudging the light way, and it was getting into the positions that it needed to be in sooner than my brain was expecting. I guess it was maybe the fourth working set where I was off center on the bar, so it was making things a little uneven, but the weight was light enough that I still made the lifts. If it were heavier, I would have reset when I figured out what was going on. It’s one of those issues I have sometimes, being visually impaired. I can’t see if I am centered on the bar well, and usually the knurling doesn’t help me enough.

Music for my lifting was some rock Christmas thing on Amazon.

Later on after the rain let up we went over to a nearby park to walk a lap, the sun came out, and the temperature shot up into the 50s. We had to take advantage of that free opportunity to collect some vitamin D and being out in the sun just always makes you feel better. The park has a paved trail that basically has nothing blocking the sun except for a couple of trees which have no leaves now with it being winter.

After we got home, we did a shift WOD together. Just burpees and air squats for that one. I didn’t go all out on it and still crushed the goal. There are days when I know I should really push myself and there are other days like today where I know it’s best to back off a bit and keep moving. It took me too many years to learn and understand that and know when and how to pace. I used to think it had to be 110% all the time. It did feel good to get a WOD in and some movement when I really didn’t feel like it. I will add this WOD to my favorites for later on, when there’s a day like this when we just want something simpler and effective.

When we did the WOD, I wore my romper to fuck with my girlfriend. The WOD was simple enough and since we were doing it together, I figured I could make it more fun and distract her by making her laugh. It worked. Life is too short to not have fun once in a while. Every once in a while I wear that stupid thing when she least expects it and when I think she’s forgotten about it.