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Not Quite As Humid So I Did My Strength This Morning

After slacking yesterday, I decided I had to do my strength. It wasn’t too bad this morning, heat, and humidity wise. A little warm for my liking, but tolerable at least. I’d love to be able to do the workouts early in the morning but having neighbors attached, I prefer not to be that noisy asshole. It’s a matter of respect. Treat others better than you expect to be treated.

The squats felt great today. Realistically, they were light at 205 pounds, but they felt outstanding and looked even better than last time.

Being they light, I decided to add in my 20 rep front squats at 165 since I was already warmed up. I felt ninety-nine percent sure I’d make the 20 rep front squats, and I did. It was cardio more than anything and burning out my quads. They felt and looked good, so I am happy with that.

I did strict press at 122 today. It felt really heavy, but I did make it through them. They looked good, even the later reps where things slowed down. The second set was the hardest. I allowed a little longer rest before the third set and that seemed to have helped quite a bit. I was still recovering from the 20 rep squats.

The power cleans at 145 were light, since I’d failed at 185 last week. I had excellent pulls with a nearly vertical bar path and if anything an inch or two jumps backwards most sets. I was pleased with the way I was finishing the pulls today. A longtime issue that I had was not finishing the pull.

I felt good, so I thought what the fuck I’ll try it. I can still strict press 145, and it didn’t even look that ugly or slow. I can’t complain about that.

Today’s music choice was Atheist. What an excellent band that really hasn’t done enough.