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I Did My Twenty Rep Back Squats At 200 Pounds Today

I finally got back up to my previous 20 rep max for back squats today although I must admit last time around I felt like there should have been more in the tank.

Today they didn’t really even feel all that challenging unlike last time in the early spring when the set was pretty tough. I took my time and worked through the reps keeping them strong and consistent and ended up feeling pretty great after I was done although a bit winded. That shit is definitely cardio! Funny thing is I weighed about 8 pounds less today than I did the last time I was up to 200 pounds for 20 reps of back squats.

I feel like there should definitely be more weeks of success at this but time will tell whether or not that holds true. The twenty reps are a fun physical and mental challenge for sure and I am glad that I decided I have nothing to lose and gave it a try on a whim. I do think it’s making my legs and ass bigger. I don’t really have the feeling that the end of the success is imminent yet.