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My Lifting Felt Great Again Today

I really didn’t know what to expect today with my lifting. I have been tired and burned out a bit between the stuff we did last week and the snow storm we’re currently having. It’s no secret that I get excited and lose sleep every time it snows. It didn’t help much getting woken up last night by not 1 but three snow blowers, none of which belong to someone that even has a drive way. I can clear the sidewalk and parking spot faster with a shovel than they take to take out and start up the snow blower.

The other thing is while shoveling snow doesn’t phase me it’s still an unusual movement so I thought my back might be a bit tired. That wasn’t the case at all thankfully. If anything maybe clearing the sidewalk this morning was a good warm up.

The squats started out at a light 205 pounds today. They felt so great that I put in some extra work and did five sets of five this time instead of the normal five sets of three. The weight was light but still it was nice that I really only needed very little rest to work through them. The reps were all fast and I felt like and the video of the sets I recorded showed that I maintained just about perfect positioning and form.

The strict pressed were a light 100 pounds. Like the squats I did the extra sets to do five sets of five instead of the normal three sets and I required very little rest with these too. The reps were all nice and fast. They felt really solid.

Finally the deadlifts I also did sets of three rather than the singles since it was only 245 pounds. These felt like some of the best deadlifts I’ve done ever. I don’t know why everything felt so great today but it did and I’ll take it.

Music was Nevermore.