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Excellent Day For My Lifts

I slept pretty good last night, which helped a lot. After I got up and drank my coffee with plenty of time to enjoy it. I also ate a banana for breakfast, like I do almost every day.

Brooke wasn’t here that long today. Her mom went into work a bit later today, so I only had for here for ten to fifteen minutes. We dumped dominoes onto each other. We played with the fart machine and I chased her around the house threatening to tickle her. Love that laugh!

When I got home from the bus stop, I cleaned up the mess quickly and then got changed to head out into the garage. I was anxious to get my lifts in while the sun was shining in.

Today’s lifting started off with some nice, moderately heavy back squats at two hundred and thirty-five pounds. After Monday’s squats felt so damned heavy, I didn’t know how they were going to feel today. It turns out that they felt great. Not only did they feel excellent, but they looked great too. I took my time and easily got through three sets of five, then threw in some extras just because I was really feeling it today. I just felt like I was truly moving well today. My knee is feeling better after not slamming the little space between the knee cap and my lower leg into the table like I did twice on Monday.

Next on the plan for today was the bench press. It’s still my least favorite lift, but I do it anyway. I had to do three sets of five of them at one hundred and sixty pounds today, and they felt really nice for me today. My shoulder wasn’t feeling weak at all and with ample rest between sets I got through my three sets of five with no issues at all. I did a fourth set and that felt excellent as well. I went for a fifth set, but I didn’t make the first rep of that one. For that last set, I just felt way unbalanced and wasn’t really able to push it up. I think I was just too far off center on the bar. That’s just one of those issues that comes along with having crappy eyesight. I will count the bench pressing today as a big win, though, since my shoulder wasn’t even feeling weaker or any tighter than the other side.

Last up for my lifts today, I did my three sets of ten good mornings. These felt outstanding as well for me. I even bumped the weight back up to the hundred and twenty pounds and felt no more hip tightness. I wasn’t certain if it was too soon to try that weight or not, but it turns out it was a good decision.

Time got away, and I ended up not doing a WOD today. Since I finished up my lifts, I’ve been feeling run down. I forgot to eat lunch or even drink protein because it was one of those rare days that I wasn’t hungry. I’ve only snacked on grapes and ate a yogurt since I had a banana for breakfast. That’s probably why I am feeling hungry. Maybe after supper I’ll feel better and get a WOD in. We’ll see how I feel later.

Music today was Dio.