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My Lifts Were A Lot Tougher Than They Should Have Been Today!

Days like this will happen and I’ve accepted it but my lifting was a lot tougher than it should have been today. I successfully completed them but they were both mentally and physically draining.

First of all I started off with the front squats at three sets of five at 195 pounds. Last Friday I had failed the 220 pounds. I don’t thing that was so much a physical fail as it was mental one. I’m just not yet comfortable with them when they’re tough and it feels like I’m loosing position. Today I felt like I was really fighting for a good upright positions and the reps felt tough and slow. Per the video they didn’t look that way at all. They looked like warm up sets. A couple of cycles with these and getting more used to them and I’ll feel better with them but that’s why I am switching to them.

Next up were the strict presses at a whopping 102 pounds. At least these felt pretty easy today as they should have. It’s fairly light for me.

Next up were the rather light power cleans at 145 pounds. Originally I was to do 175 pounds but the way I am feeling I just lowered the weight for the day. The past couple of days have just taken too much out of me.

Hopefully we will go for a bit of a hike later.

Music for today was A Pale Horse Named Death