Sort Of Back To Normal Strength Workouts Now

I’ve been taking it somewhat easy with my lifts since I did my Crossfit total last week and then planned on and finally got around to getting a heavy single front squat and bench press yesterday.

The front squats were somewhat disappointing yesterday but then again my stomach was still feeling off. I tend to eat a banana for breakfast and yesterday the one I ate was past it’s prime. Normally it isn’t a problem but shortly after I ate this one I felt like I got punched in the stomach. I just felt off. I made it up to an easy 255 for my front squats certainly feeling there’s much more in the tank. The 265 attempt was just a mental fail and I wasn’t feeling up to trying again.

Bench wasn’t great but I expected that. My arm has been giving me shit so I knew going into it that as soon as I felt a twinge I’d stop. I stopped at 205. I’m not counting it as amiss. I just smartly lowered it to the safeties and walked away.

I made it up to a decently heavy 80 pound weighted pull up. 90 pounds was a fail but I think on a good day I’d have it. I’m just feeling off and weak.

Moving on to today I decided to at least get partially back on to my normal strength. I lowered my weight’s back down given the recent maxes to allow more recovery

The front squats felt great today and the 195 pounds I did felt and looked great for my three sets of five of them. I worked though them quickly with little rest and felt like I was keeping great positions. I was happy with them.

Today was bench press day which I decided to not do considering my maxes yesterday. My upper body just doesn’t recover like my legs do. I can squat heavy every single day without an issue but I need more time for upper body recovery.

I did do my good mornings today. The three sets of ten of these felt surprisingly great at 115 pounds. I just felt stable with them and like I was moving really well. Last time this weight was a bit tough but it wasn’t today.

Finally, since my front squats were pretty light and partially because I am stupid I thought it was a good idea to knock out this week’s twenty rep squats. I did the 20 reps at 220 pounds after a near fuck up and almost doing the 220 as 230 as I was counting my 35 pound plates as 25. That was a close one. I actually made it through the twenty reps surprisingly quickly considering how brutally soul crushing these felt today. Funny thing is as tough as they felt my video showed every rep looking near perfect and consistent in that respect. Once again these high rep squats got my heart rate sky high into the mid 170s but that’s about 40 pounds over body weight today and a lot of work in a short period of time.

The music today was Sleep.