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Today Was Certainly An Interesting Day In The Garage Gym

Yesterday I really burned myself out with the three WODs I did and then to top things off between eating a heavy supper and a damned stray cat outside crying I didn’t sleep nearly enough. Note I’m not complaining about supper but we ate it late because Harvey’s was slower than they normally are but it was great.

I started out with the front squats at 210 for three sets of five today. I knew going into it that it is realistically a somewhat heavy weight on a good day for me and today was no different. With my legs being trashed today from all the lunges and step ups not to mention burpees yesterday they just didn’t want to work at all with the squats. I finished the sets that I was supposed to do with no issues but mentally it took some digging. The second to last rep of the last set was rough yet when I gave it my all the bar got some series air at the top. This tells me there’s plenty more in the tank if I can fight through this.

Then the next thing up was the strict presses at a fairly light, thankfully, 105 pounds. I knocked these out pretty quickly with very minimal rest between sets.

Finally I had power cleans at 150 pounds for the five sets of three. These surprised me and weren’t even feeling heavy at all. All of them felt great except the one where I unexpectedly farted. Hilarity ensued from that rep for sure. I even managed to just casually strict press the first and last sets..

A little while after that we did our bro shit. You know curls and bench and stuff like that with dumbbells. Why not? We’ve been enjoying it and it’s great to be able to spend the time together doing things we enjoy. It’s something we’re very fortunate to have that so many people lack. Given my tiredness today I went with slightly lighter weight but higher reps today with the bench press. I’ve not tried the bench with the 50s because the awkward setup but I have no doubt that even that’s a bit on the light side for me.

Lastly in the afternoon we did the shift version of Monday’s WOD together. Yay, more lunges and burpees! I went a bit slower and with much less intensity that I could have but that was the right choice today after burning myself out yesterday. It’s good to know when to back off and take a WOD as active recovery and this unweighted one fit the bill perfectly. Me being able to know and stick with it when I feel the need to back off is how I can get away with no “rest” days. I haven’t had a rest day since I had COVID in December.

After supper we went to a nearby park for a nice dusk time walk. The birds were singing and it was fairly quiet. The chill encroaching from the woods as we went down the hill reminded me of the mountains or maybe even camping. The air just seemed fresher than usual today. Maybe because it’s pretty dry.

Music for today was Einherjer!