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My Stomach Felt Really Off This Morning But I still Had A Good Day Lifting

This morning when I woke up, too early I might add, my stomach felt really off. I didn’t feel sick, but it felt like I ate something that just wasn’t quite right. I was hoping it would feel better if I took a shit, but that didn’t happen. I would assume at this point, it’s basically swallowing too much mucus from my nose being stuffy. The pollen is pretty bad here now. I don’t have allergies, but the dust effect sucks. Eventually, somewhere around 11:00 AM, I got off my ass and decided to see how my lifting actually went. I was feeling a bit better, at least after eating something.

The front squats felt good today. The three sets of five squats at 215 pounds felt heavy for sure, and it’s a pretty heavy weight for me to rep, but I got through them with no difficulty at all. They were pretty fast and explosive lifts. There didn’t seem to be any grinding reps, which is what I would like to avoid to the best of my ability. These front squats for whatever reason seemed to really spike my heart rate today. I guess they’re heavy enough to be a lot of work.

The strict press was a heavier weight for me at the 120 pounds, but the lifting itself really didn’t feel tool bad. They were nice clean and pretty fast reps today. It seems like my angry arm is getting better because I really didn’t even give it a thought today.

Next I had to do my deadlifts. These I kept at singles because for one they’re relatively heavy for me at the 275 pounds and the other thing is my legs feel dead after yesterday’s WOD in which I did 150 step ups. That had were programmed as box jumps, but that made box jumps is stupid and low benefit for high risks. Anyway back to today, my deadlifts actually felt pretty good today for as heavy as they were. They did bring out the stars, though. I don’t know why that happens every once in a while, but it does. It’s not until I lower the weight back to the ground then stand back up without weight, though. My dead lifts were all nice quick lifts today. I used my belt with the weight getting up there a bit with them but certainly don’t need it. It’s more of a confidence boost for me rather than a crutch.

Finally, I added in hip thrusts with the box because why not? My legs feel dead, so I might as well just finish the job. For these, I did three sets of ten at 195 pounds. They felt surprisingly easy today. I managed to do a better job of getting centered under the bar, which helped a lot.

Music for today Was Augury.

In the evening we did our bro session and that went pretty well. I was a little more aggressive with the dumbbell bench press and used the 60 lbs dumbbells, and it felt pretty good. Out of laziness I used those for the rows too, but then again I did relatively heavy deadlifts earlier today, so it was probably a good thing. I again pushed out of my comfort zone and used the 45s for shoulder presses.

Not bad at all for me today. I’ll take it!

Our music for the bro lifts was Alice In Chains