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More Humid Today But Not A Bad Day For Me In The Garage

I slept pretty good again last night. I woke up more than I normally do, bout that’s because I thought it was a good idea to down a bunch of water right before bed. Before bed, I was so thirsty from eating that pure carbs and unhealthy pizza, but that was the right choice for supper last night. We were exhausted.

I got up a little after 5 am and drank my coffee and relaxed a bit. It was a nice morning for that. It was still fairly cool, but not quite as cool as the past few days. I just relaxed and browsed a bit.

My day in the garage began with some moderately weighted back squats. For today, I had to squat two hundred and twenty-five pounds. I ended up getting five sets of five in at that weight with zero issues at all. My knee felt a little tight but not enough to stop me, I twisted it tripping once again on Monday while we were out. It felt better as I went along. The squats were really upright with a strong and explosive drive out of the hole. I took slightly longer rests than I needed to with my knee, but only about two and a half minutes or so, other than the one when I went and grabbed the mail. They felt really solid and easy.

Next up I had the bench press was up next. I had to do a fairly heavy hundred and eighty pounds today. Before my shoulder thing, making this weight was a given, but this is feeling pretty heavy for now until I get them back in balance. Today’s first set felt great. It felt heavy but very solid and at that point I thought I would make it through the three sets of five. The second set changed everything. I didn’t even make the first rep of that set. It wasn’t necessarily the weight, though. It was more that I was off center and the plates hit the safety on my weaker side. That caused an instant abort. I was disappointed, but the first set really give me hope that I can continue pushing the weight and get back to where I was in time.

Last on the plans for today’s lifting was the good mornings. These were straightforward for my three sets of ten. I went with a hundred and twenty pounds, and they felt and looked solid.

I wasn’t feeling today’s WOD for today, so I went with a minute on, minute off rowing interval instead. That was more like what, I felt, would be a good idea. I did that and ended up getting about a hundred more meters in than the last couple of times. For whatever reason, I felt like I had much better pulls today than I have been having. It’s fascinating to me how much lower my heart rate stays with rowing. Of course, it gets up there, but it used to jump in the first hundred meters or so. Now it takes minutes to really get high enough to stabilize, as long as I’m not dehydrated.

Music for today was Artificial Brain