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First Hot Day Of The Year Fucked With My Lifting

I had another wonderful night’s sleep last night with the cooler air coming in the windows. It’s not that humid yet. The humidity crept up this morning, but it’s not what I would call miserable yet. I do believe I will be putting the air conditioner in the garage window tomorrow, so it’s at least readily available when needed.

My squats were heavy for me for my five by three. Actually, now that I think about it, it was technically a five rep PR attempt. The 230 pounds really didn’t feel super heavy, and I felt like I was keeping great positioning, yet my body just shut it down on, I think it was the fourth rep. The humidity wasn’t bad, but the mid-80s was a hot temperature considering just last week I was wearing a jacket, and that is what, I think, was my failure’s main cause. It’s all good though because I get my second vaccine shot tomorrow and intended to lower the weight on Saturday just to be sure.

Next up was the pretty heavy bench press at 180 pounds. I failed these too, and it really was just the heat and me having a little hesitancy with my elbow being angry from the high reps of pull-ups recently and yesterday’s dumbbell snatch/ overhead lunge combos.

The good mornings actually felt pretty good today and were my only successful lift. There will be days that go like this.

We grabbed Harvey’s for supper. Their BBQ is so great and was perfect today. We felt it would be better not to drink today or tomorrow since we’re getting our second dose tomorrow, so Harvey’s it was. We also needed more of the Harvey’s sauce.

We went to one of the granddaughter’s softball games in the evening. The wind picked up from the southeast and the dew point crashed to 40. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great sleeping night!

Music for today was Lykathea Aflame