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Knowing When To Stop A WOD Isn't Ephesized Enoujgnb..

Last night, I slept well again. I slept straight through the night and almost woke up after Molly left. I don’t really like to go to sleep that late, but it does happen every so often. While I was lying there in bed wide awake on my tablet, I did have some trouble getting to sleep last night. I was a bit wound up.

With that said, I felt pretty good when I got up. I enjoyed by coffee while surfing the web a bit, then some XBOX. I wanted to get a WOD in pretty early today. Once the mail came, I searched out a WOD to do. There’s no need to have an EMOM of four different things. Too much for me to keep track of. Once I settled on one, I got changed and got the workout in.

I settled on one that was like a ladder, adding one rep each of deadlift, hanging clean, then squatting every ninety seconds. I went with the thirty-pound dumbbells out of convenience. They’re right there on the rack, and I didn’t have to move the snake plant. I’ve done this one before and enjoyed it

As with most WODs like this, the first couple of rounds felt easy. By the time I got up to six reps each, it wasn’t feeling easy any longer. It certainly felt doable, but I just wasn’t getting that full recovery.

I made it into the rounds of nine each and stopped there after finishing it. I felt like my deadlifts were getting a little sloppy. I smashed my foot too. Even though I felt that I had plenty of time to keep going, I chose not to. There’s no doubt in my mind that I could have made it to the time cap, but how smart would it be to risk sloppy form and injury?

As much as I think the old owner of our Crossfit gym did things that were wrong, he always, always pushed good form over speed or a score. Well, really, all the coaches did. They’d say you’re not in the games, so don’t do what they do. Back in 2013, when we started Crossfit, there were still some athletes with questionable form.

I feel like street parking could and should emphasize doing things correctly a little more than they do. It’s especially important since no one is physically coaching you. I’ve seen so much questionable technique in some people’s videos that it’s certainly a ticking time bomb until they get injured. Hell, I remember in one of their videos, they were praising one of the former coaches for basically curling a snatch overhead with the dumbbell. Because he’s strong enough to, and his wife had some of the oddest forms I’ve ever seen. They should have really pushed the fact that just because you can do something doesn’t mean that it is a good idea or efficient.

Music for the WOD was Candlemass