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Bench Press Then A Dumb Idea

I didn’t sleep all that well last night. While I didn’t really wake up much last night, I just don’t feel that I was very refreshed when I woke up. It was almost like sleeping after I went to Joy’s. Sure, I had a drink while watching the Eagles, but it was an earlier one and a weaker one.

About 8:30 or so, I decided to get changed and work on my bench press for today. I knew from just warming up with the empty bar that it would turn out to be a pretty good day for my bench press. The benching only felt better as I worked my way up through the warm up sets and then into the working sets.

The final set for me today was the five plus AMRAP at one hundred and fifty-five pounds. It was not that heavy of a weight for me, and the bench has been feeling great to me recently. My elbow hasn’t flared up for quite a while now, so I’ve gotten more comfortable getting out an extra rep or two. Today I ended up making nine at that weight before I got bored with it. The only real problem I had while benching this morning was that, no matter what, I just wasn’t able to get the bench lined up right.

I screwed around, not doing much of anything for a while, and ate something. After a few hours of that, I decided I wanted to get a WOD of some sort in for the day. Today’s WOD didn’t seem to be one I’d get much out of. Farmer’s step-ups for me are a process, with me not being able to see where I’m stepping.

After thinking, about it I thought that it’s a good time to do one of the Street Parking endurance WODs on the bike. I figured out how to set an EMOM on my watch, since the timer is in the garage and I can’t really hear it. I didn’t know if I’d notice the vibration on my watch, but it was fine. It’s so stupid that I’ve never thought of using my watch as the timer before! It was ten rounds of one minute on and one minute off. I knew it was going to be very unpleasant, but I want to get better and more comfortable with the bike. I managed to pace the earlier rounds well so I could make it the entire minute. Of course, I bumped up the intensity in the last couple of minutes.

The bike is a great machine, but holy hell, does it kill me. It’s not even cardio that gets me; it’s complete muscle fatigue. I guess it is full body, but unlike the rower, who is also full body, there is no real short rest. That machine is a great way to set the body on fire. I’m sure it will get more tolerable if I use it more consistently, and that’s just what I am hoping to do.

These really physically and mentally challenging things, like the bike interval I just did, are really rewarding after I’m done. Difficult things are just so much more meaningful. My heart rate stayed high and maxed out in the upper 170s for that last minute. Sure, I was breathing heavier, but I was not winded, which tells me that I’m doing something right with my workouts.

Music for today was Atheist.