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Did My Twenty Rep Squats Today Then Rowed 10k Later

We had to go the grocery store and that sort of fun shit this morning so by 9:00 AM I was one hundred percent peopled out. After our running around this morning and then devouring my sandwich I got from the country store.

I digested that for a bit and then embarked upon my twenty rep squats. I did them on a separate day from my normal strength this week since they’re getting heavier now. This week I was to do 205 pounds for twenty reps. This tied my twenty rep max from last spring. It felt easy today physically. Mentally it was tough but the twenty reps are always that way.

I feel that I should have at least a couple of more weeks to go at this if I can keep my head in check. I felt that I had another week or two last spring though but I failed 210 on the first humid day of the year when my brain had just shut it down. Being mid February still that shouldn’t be a factor for at least a couple of months now. Here’s to seeing where I go with this.

Music for the squats was Deeds Of Flesh

In the afternoon I decided to row a longer row. I wanted to do 10k but didn’t want to commit to doing it as I didn’t know whether my hands would be up to the task.

I did end up making the ten thousand meters so I was pretty happy with that. I didn’t try to go fast or anything. I just focused on efficiency and rhythm and ended up completing it in 47:48 or so. About 4 minutes off from my best but I never even ended up breathing heavy. As I said earlier my focus on this was efficiency which I have some how lost a bit of along the way.

The other year when proper rowing first clicked for me it was by focusing on long rows where if you didn’t learn to be efficient at it you were in for a bad time at it. I found for me once I start getting tired my body falls into a better timing.

I’m not doing any thing particular wrong with my rowing right now. I’m just mistiming it. I think the biggest issues are lack of practice and the fact that I am significantly stronger and lighter now than I had been in the past. It’s like everything I am doing fitness wise. I don’t want to be great at one thing. I want to be reasonably good at everything so there’s going to be the art of finding the right balance at times..

Rowing music was some brutal death metal stream