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First Strength Session Of The Year Done

I wasn’t really sure if I was even going to do my lifting today. My trap isn’t too happy with me from sleeping weirdly this morning. I was on my stomach but my head was fully twisted and when I woke up my neck wasn’t happy at all. It’s loosened up a bit as the day went on so I decided I would give my lifting a try. Worst case scenario I could stop and redo it later but that wasn’t necessary.

First up were the moderately weighted back squats at 220 pounds. They weren’t heavy or difficult but the pressure on my trap wasn’t really too pleasant today. It didn’t hurt but was just a bit uncomfortable at first. Because of that and wanted to do a WOD later with thrusters in it I decided to only doe the three sets of five today. There was certainly more in the tank but if there’s one thing I’ve learned especially working out at home is I don’t need to kill myself every single day. Sometimes it’s good to listen to your body and back off a bit.

Next up was my least favorite lift. Yes! What a great way to start off a new year. The lift is bench press and I am enjoying performing this movement more now. I really like how solid our new Titan bench feels with these. The weight I was set to lift today was a nice medium 155 pounds. They really felt great so I went ahead and did the two extra sets of these for five sets of five and got through them easily.

Finally I did the good mornings today again. I went with the eighty five pounds on these that I had started using before coming down with coronavirus and they felt surprisingly good.

The music choice for the lifting today was Candlemass.

We also knocked out the first SP vault workout of 2021. It was a pretty fun one that was basically a ladder of devil presses and thrusters. Thrusters are my favorite move or at least one of my top favorite moves in Crossfit type of workouts! I went a bit lighter than I may have done otherwise with my trap being a bit of a bitch today but I was happy with my results. I had hoped to do the RX weight even if it slowed me down a bit and I didn’t make the time goal but I need to get comfortable with the 40 pounds which I know I am capable of using. Today just wasn’t the day to push out of my comfort levels in that way.

We listened to Alice In Chains for this WOD