Wow, It Was Dry Today

I was working on my starting strength lifts today. One week and I’m already off the schedule I want to be on. Yesterday’s WOD deceived me and took way more out of me than I expected, but that’s a different story. The great thing about doing this here at home is how I can be so flexible about timing and scheduling.

The lifts felt slow and heavy today, and I couldn’t figure out why. Even the lighter warm up sets were feeling sluggish, but I managed to get through them. I did manage to attempt and easily make two strict presses in my power clean sets at 145, so I clearly haven’t been losing much if any strength over the past year.

It wasn’t really until I was finished and went outside to unwind a bit that I realized just how dry the air was. It felt like it was drying out my nose and lungs, but thought nothing of it. I glanced at a weather app and a nearby weather station had the humidity 11 or 12 percent. Well, then that would explain things to me and why I felt so dried out. The whole time, I felt like I was dehydrated.