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Another Day Feeling Great In The Home Gym

I actually slept pretty good last night and i didn’t get woken up by an asshole on a motorcycle, so I felt good this morning. I got to my pick things up and put them down session pretty early this morning and even though it was on the heavy side it felt great. It was a stark contrast from feeling slow and weak with my WOD yesterday.

I began my morning with some front squats. My knee felt a little off early on, but as I warmed up. I had my 3 sets of five at a fairly heavy 220 pounds, but they really felt great. The weight didn’t feel heavy at all to me today. I resembled a warm-up set that’s close to the working set. I worked my way through my front squats pretty quickly and only rested a bit longer because I forced myself to, knowing it was on the heavy end of the weight spectrum for me.

The strict press came up next, and that was a pretty heavy 123 pounds. Even these felt like a warm-up set, and I got through them quickly. The middle set was the toughest because I’m guessing I was maybe ever so slightly off center on the bar.

I was happy with the power cleans I did next for five sets of three. These were at 170 pounds which is towards the heavier end for my abilities, but they felt great and looked great today. I even did a jerk after the first set. I miss doing them, but the plates get too close to the light for my comfort, and I don’t quite have enough space in the garage to be comfortable bailing if I need to. The cleans felt like the total opposite of last session with them, where I had felt slow and sloppy. Today they were quick and right on with timing.

After the cleans, I did hip thrusts with the box. I did three sets of ten of these at 205 pound and if anything they felt lighter and better than last time at 195. The pad helps keep the pressure off my hip bones and seems to help with balancing the bar a bit.

Later on in the afternoon, I decided to go ahead and do this week’s twenty rep back squats. The warming felt great and required very little rest. I felt like I was moving really well and when I got to the working set at 190 pounds for twenty reps that felt even better. I had lost count and wasn’t sure if I was 18 or 19, so I did an extra squat just to make sure. My watch counted 21 reps, but I’m uncertain if it was 20 or 21. Of course, that happens the one time I don’t record it.

I also did a twenty minute EMOM of weighted pull-ups. Every minute on the minute, I performed two pull-ups with 50 pounds. I have to admit that that was rough today. I think my bigger issue was that my hands are a little pissed off from lots of pull-ups in the WOD I did yesterday, but I got through it. Some were a bit sloppier than I’d like, but I managed it okay. This might be my max weight at this particular EMOM. We’ll see how it goes next time, but I fully expect that I’ll fail then.

Music for today was Rush!