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I Did Tomorrow's Workout Of The Day Since I Knew It Would Be Pretty Quick

I absolutely didn’t feel like doing a WOD today for a few reasons. First of all I am feeling tired still. I slept great last night but I don’t think my body’s caught up from the night before yet.

Another thing is the fact that my legs and knees are pissed from the awkward overhead lunges outside in the uneven back yard. Not necessarily sore but they are unhappy with me. I really haven’t an in quite a while. It’s been too fucking hot this summer.

Finally I was very much sidetracked today watching the whole land falling of Hurricane Ida unfold. Nothing will ever be able to take the weather geek out of me. There’s just something amazing about the power of mother nature.

Eventually I went ahead and did tomorrow’s WOD because I knew it would be a fairly quick one. Just sandbag cleans and hop overs. I had to squat with the cleans but I refuse to call them “squat cleans’ because not only does it sound stupid but it is stupid.

The hop overs sucked for me. As always they’re an exercise in frustration more than anything. The worst part about them is I know they’re one of those things that I won’t really be able to get very efficient at and have accepted it for what it is. The cleans though I got through very quickly. I’d say maybe thirty to forty-five seconds or so to cycle through the twelve of them.

Music was Alice In Chains Child.