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My Lifts Felt Extra Powerful In The Home Gym Today!

At least every once in a while I have a day where my lifts all feel extra powerful. Today was one of those days for sure. I mean I didn’t really have anything all that heavy to lift but still it just felt great with me moving well and very powerful movements.

Front squats were first today and for these squats I did three sets of five at 210 pounds. It’s not heavy for me by any means but being rusty on the front squats they felt more challenging that they should at this weight. While I’ve been moving well while performing these front squats with really some of the best form that I’ve ever had it’s still mentally heavy. I’m not adjusted yet to the bar being at or touching my throat and today it did manage to bring up the gag reflex from that. I finished the set but took a longer rest between that and the next set while l I regathered my focus. The lifts themselves were super upright and explosive for me today.

Next up I had bench press at a nice light and easy five sets of five at 145 pounds. Last time I’d failed so this weight was lowered for today but they felt good so I included the two extra sets given that it was light. My wrist was feeling a little off but not something I couldn’t tolerate.

next up I had my least favorite exercise, the good mornings. I did the good mornings at 100 pounds for three sets of ten. I mean they feel good to me but I’m just not a huge fan of them so I keep them very light

I decided to also do my weekly weighted pull up EMOM today. I did these pull ups at 35 pounds for two a minute for twenty minutes. They felt great for me today. The later sets didn’t even really degrade like they usually do. Last week they were a bit lighter and a little tougher but today they felt pretty easy.

When Molly got home we did our bro lifts. They felt better today than last time or maybe it’s more that I may have had a little more energy for them. I upped the game back up to the 60 pound dumbbells for the bench press and did five sets of ten. I certainly could go higher with these but i will hang out in this ball park for now as the setup is more difficult with the dumbbells. It falls into the category of “just because I can doesn’t mean I should” to jump into this too quickly.

We then did today’s shift WOD which was harder for me than it should be given the dumbbell deadlifts.

Music was Angel Dust