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Bench Press Then A WOD

Last night I didn’t sleep nearly enough. I ate supper very late for me after Molly got home. I think i was after nine which I almost never do. At least I was already awake for the Phillies game. I was tired then so of course Hoffman blew the save but thankfully the Phillies won in extra innings.

I will say that the Stromboli from Joy’s really tasted great, even thought it was cold by the time she brought it home. Not at all greasy like they get from a normal pizza place, either. It also didn’t sit heavy in my stomach, even though it was so late.

I woke up early this morning and took my thyroid pill. I was hoping to get a chance to fall back to sleep for a bit, but my brain was awake. To be completely honest, smelled the coffee too. That may be the bigger factor here. I got up and drank my coffee.

I wanted to get to my bench press very early this morning if I was going to do it at all. About 7:30 a.m. or so, I headed out into the garage to get it done. I knew that wouldn’t be loud enough to disturb anyone. It is the first week of the cycle, and the weight would be light, so short of an injury, there should be no chance of a fail either. The bench presses felt pretty good. Today I worked my way rapidly up through the sets, and the final one at a pretty light one hundred and fifty pounds felt great. I made six at that weight, and they felt easy enough.

I put the weights away and jumped straight into a WOD. I continued the theme of yesterday and wanted to use my knee but not overuse it, so I did today’s shift. The unweighted lunges I thought would be a great stretch of it, and they were. I got through it towards the end of the goal time. I went light with the hang snatches but still got a good workout in.

When I was done, I got a much-needed shower, threw on some shorts, and went outside to collect some sunshine. The temperature was in the lower 60s and rising quickly with full sunshine. I wanted to get some sun before the clouds reached us. I could see them on the southwestern horizon. The sun felt great and relaxed me. The sun was very strong and warm.

I thought maybe I could catch a little nap when I came back inside, but nope. My brain had other ideas. I just laid there awake. It was nice to feel the breeze coming through the house since I had the windows open. I find it almost impossible to take a nap. I didn’t understand it when I was a kid, but I got yelled at all the time for not sleeping when I was supposed to take a nap. My brain just does not turn off. Music for today was none.