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Bench Press Felt Good Today After The Bench Fell

Last night, I got a decent night’s sleep. I fell asleep pretty easily after reading my tablet a bit, then slept well. I was able to fall right back to sleep after I got up to take a piss, too! When I woke up this morning, I felt pretty refreshed.

I enjoyed my coffee this morning while surfing the web and enjoying the fresh air. This spring has so many cool nights with nice, refreshing air in the morning that I think it’s beginning to spoil me. We’ve not had to put the air conditioner in the window of either the garage or the bedroom. I think we’ve only used the fan once or twice. I was anxious to get out into the garage and get my bench done while it was nice and cool.

About eight this morning, I got changed and went into the home gym to begin working on my bench press. Things went wrong right from the beginning today, though. While doing a warm-up set with thankfully just the empty bar, the bench fell into a decline position. I was thankful for having the safeties and having them set.

The bench that I use is an adjustable one. The bench seems well-made and extremely sturdy, so I was puzzled why it fell. The metal is so thick that I couldn’t imagine that it could break. It turns out that it didn’t break. My best guess is that the bar wasn’t set in the groove quite right and was able to fall to the next notch. Needless to say, I walked away using some choice words like fuck. Once I knew I was fine, I came back down and tried again.

It didn’t take me long to get my focus back and get back into the garage. This time, things went much better. The lighter-weight warm-up sets felt good. I was more focused than usual after the earlier issues, so they felt better. The working weight sets felt pretty good. Today called for the final PR set to be at a hundred and eighty–five pounds for three plus reps. I got a fairly easy four reps at that weight. After the bench issues earlier, I didn’t want to really push too hard, so I stopped there and was happy.

I ate something and relaxed a little. While doing that, I was thinking about what I wanted to do for a WOD today. I’d already done today’s vault WOD and none of the ones programmed for this week grabbed my attention, at least not to do today. It was warming up quickly, and it was a little more humid than it’s been this spring.

I settled on doing one of the endurance WOD’s IT was row two thousand, rest five minutes, and row again. It was simple and to the point, which is what I wanted today. I actually wanted to get my heart rate up. It was pretty warm. My rows were a little slower than I’d have liked them to be, but my legs just felt a bit sluggish today. I guess those very heavy squats and yesterday’s lunges are a factor in the lazy legs today.

The workout served its purpose. I didn’t have to think about anything and was able to mindlessly get my heart rate up and my blood pumping. I felt good afterward, too.

After supper, we got a nice walk in too. It’s been too long since we’ve done that, for various reasons. It’s always so enjoyable to get that fresh air and a little movement to go along with it. A pleasant evening seems to always get me relaxed in time to go to bed. We didn’t go too far today, only about a mile or so, but it was great to see the flowers and stuff that are still alive between it being late in the spring and the very dry weather.

Music for today was Artificial Brain.