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Brutal Day For My Garage Gym Lifting Today

As the title says today’s lifting in the home gym was absolutely brutal for me. Once again I woke up extra early and have been tired. My brain says it’s time to get up then once I am fully awake it says nahh fuck you, you need more sleep. To add to that all my lifts today were heavy.

Starting as always with the back squats which were set to be 260 pounds for today. My best was 265 so I damn well knew this was going to be fucking heavy. The squats themselves went exactly how I expected, well maybe not exactly as I did get through them successfully. I had expected I might fail given all the things against tough lifts today. They were heavy and very challenging but I managed the three sets of five with no bad reps. Slower than normal maybe, but no form breakage and that’s the most important thing to me. They all looked really good by videos.

Like the squats the presses were another lift I expected to possibly fail. Last session they were really close to failing but this time the strict presses at 125 pounds actually felt slightly easier than the last time. Don’t get me wrong, they were heavy and on the tougher side but today they felt at least a little bit more manageable. I guess doing the suns out guns out WOD last night with all the push ups and bench presses didn’t take too much out of me nor did the man maker WOD yesterday. I’m good with how these went.

Finally I had the Deadlifts at 285 and I went into this thinking I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I failed. While I’ve done heavier weight in the past these seem to have taken the biggest hit from my COVID days. If I would have to take a guess I would blame it on not really practicing them for that month or so period. Deadlifts are the lift I have zero confidence in.

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