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Good Day Lifting And Pushed Myself On The WOD

Had a good night’s sleep again last night. I slept straight through the night and had to take my thyroid pill at 4:30 when I woke up. I vegged out in bed a while after that trying to go to sleep, but I was awake. After I waited a bit for the thyroid pill, I got up and drank my coffee.

It was hot in here when I came out of the air-conditioned bedroom. The humidity is here today in full force. After the mail got here, and I mowed the lawn, I decided to get my ass out into the garage.

First on the list today, as always, were the back squats. For today, I had to do a pretty easy weight at two hundred and twenty-five pounds. With the humidity, I took them a bit slower, but they did feel great. I did five sets of five of the back squats without any issues. I did feel like I was moving pretty well with them. They felt much better than the other day.

Next up I had the strict presses. I had to lift a light hundred and two pounds for my presses today. I didn’t know how they would go after doing a WOD yesterday and pushing myself with the weight using the hundred pound dumbbells for the presses and push presses in the WOD. The presses turned out to be fine for me today, and they felt great. I worked my way quickly and easily through my five sets of five with no problems at all.

For my last lift of the day, I had to do the power cleans. I did these at the light weight of a hundred and fifty pounds for the five triples. They felt great for me today. I was not rushing the pull like I tend to do far too often. The video showed them looking even better than they felt. I was ecstatic about how they looked.

After I recovered, a few minutes and drank about a gallon of water. Started thinking about a WOD. I decided that I wanted to continue with yesterday’s theme and add weight to get out of my comfort zone.

The WOD I did was 150 step-ups, for which I used the twenty-inch side of the box, with our ceilings being low. Every minute on the minute, you stopped and did three to five strict pull-ups. I stuck with three since I was wearing my twenty pound vest. It actually surprised me and went really well. The pull-ups all remained fast. It took maybe fifteen seconds to do the three pull-ups, even on the later rounds where I had to let go of the bar and regrip it from the sweat. I kept a solid and steady pace on the step-ups too, which was a big surprise. Even unweighted ones, I struggle a bit with the visual aspect of them. I thought the added weight would give me more hesitation.

I completed the WOD right about the middle of the goal time slot, so I was really pleased with that. Ideally, I would use the 24-inch side of the box, but I honestly don’t think the four inches really makes that much of a difference. I would rather play it safe and avoid the potential accidents from getting distracted by my hair brushing the ceiling. In hindsight, I’m thinking that maybe I should have tried for four pull-ups a minute. I thought I’d burn out, but really didn’t.

It was a good day for me. I think a lot of this experimenting with the weight increasing is a bit of trial and error. There will be successes and failures.

Music for today was Journey.