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Picked Up A Weighted Vest

Picking up a weighted vest is one of those things that has been on the back of my mind for quite a while. I looked at them at Christian’s Fitness factory when we still did Crossfit. I never got one because they were fairly pricey, and I didn’t know if and when I’d use it. The fact that my body is always a furnace, and I am pouring sweat even doing the slightest movement even on the coldest day, I thought it might be too hot for me.

Flash forward to Sunday, I saw an old post about one being cheap on Amazon for Prime Day. I thought what the Hell I’ll look. It was still sixty percent off with Next day delivery. For $30 I figured it was worth the price to try. I was surprised it even came with the weight’s for that price.

It arrived this morning, so I loaded it up with about ten of the twenty pound weights that it holds. I wanted to test it out without it being too tough on me. With my elbow flaring slightly I’ve been resting it a bit, so I didn’t want to do a WOD with pull-ups or push-ups which would be a great use of this thing, but I figured high rep air squats would get my body use to it, and it would help me see how much of a heat effect it had on me. I knew it would be feeling awkward having that thing on for the first time, too, so I wanted to get some simpler stuff in to get used to it.

As it turns out, it didn’t feel that bad at all, either it being there or over heating. That really was a pretty big surprise for me. After I finished up, and it dried up, I put the rest of the weights in it to bring it up to the twenty pounds. I think it’s going to be a great addition to the fitness toolbox.

We went to the store and got that mostly done. People are so incredibly unhealthy out there. It’s remarkable to me how many of them seem to just have trouble walking.

Late in the afternoon I got a second WOD in since I was feeling pretty good. I did not meet the goal time, and I was fine with it. The devil presses got a bit hairy as the floor got slippery from my sweat, so I took them a bit slower. I was just watching it drip from my face. I was glad I went lighter, with as slick as the floor got. As I expected, I did not meet their goal, but met my goal of getting a good workout in. Rowing for calories is always so much slower for me.

I haven’t been able to figure out the reasoning they’ve been doing the calorie thing instead of meters as an alternative to running, but I’m convinced that it would be “stimulus.” Just like my very fast single unders are a different “stimulus” than double unders yet laterally hopping over a dumbbell isn’t different. It’s just something I don’t think I will ever get.

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