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Good Day Lifting

I did not sleep that well last night. I spent too much time just laying there wide awake yet so tired that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Eventually, I managed to fall asleep.

It was pretty warm this morning when I woke up, but I felt pretty decent for having a poor night of sleep. I drank my coffee and browsed the web a while I woke up. After the mail came, I got changed and headed off into the garage to do my lifts. It wasn’t a hot day like yesterday, but it was pretty humid, so I did use the air conditioner while I was out there for my lifts.

First up for me on this day were my back squats. They were pretty light for me at two hundred and ten pounds, and they felt pretty good even though I was feeling tired. To play it safe, I took longer rest between sets than I needed to, but I figured that would help out with the way I was feeling. I did feel that I was moving well, and they felt pretty easy. It was just mentally sluggish today. I ended up completing my five sets of five with no problems at all.

After I finished up my back squats, I moved on to my five sets of five strict presses. I used a hundred pounds for these, and they felt excellent. It was a light weight for me, but I thought with my burnt out mentally feeling they’d be tougher. Like I did with the squats, I allowed myself a longer rest than I normally would, but only about two minutes. I felt like I did get through the lifts with ease.

The three sets of five deadlifts were up last for me today. They were somewhat light at the two hundred and forty-five pounds. With the way, I have been feeling, I really expected these to be difficult, but they were not at all. I got through my sets with easy, and they felt and looked great. I was happy I was able to have the mental focus for them. Strangely, these wound up feeling like the easiest lifts for me today.

It was a good day in the garage for me today. I have been in a funk a bit, so I haven’t been really posting. Regardless of the funk, I have been doing my best to get out in the home gym and get my work in. I haven’t missed a day or anything like that. It’s been tougher to get out there though with the heat and some non-related personal stuff I have been dealing with. I’ve been finding that I have been thinking a lot about, far too much, about several cousins that died a few years back from fentanyl. That in turn led to me thinking far too much about some of the addiction stuff I saw growing up in my family as a small child. It’s really depressing to think like that. It has been feeling great to put my head down and get the work in for my fitness, though.

Music for today was Paradise Lost.