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Made My Front Squats At 240

I had low expectations for my front squats today for sure. My ankle’s not happy with me as I rolled it backwards yesterday tripping over the little light while raking the leaves. Who does this sort of stupid shit. It takes real skills to be some clumsy sometimes and I’m less than thrilled to admit that I have those skills.

For my warm up sets on the front squats I felt a little off. The best way to describe them was feeling maybe a little awkward. I guess I felt just a little off balance. I really didn’t have too high of a hope for my working sets today

My working sets of front squats for this day were set to be three sets of five of the very heavy front squats at 240 pounds. Once I started getting up there in weight with my warm ups and then to the working sets they actually felt really great. Easy certainly isn’t a word I would use to describe them but they felt doable. I never once though I would fail a rep and I didn’t. I made all my sets of five at the PR weight for myself today. They looked great too and looked like they weren’t even challenging. My last two reps of the last set I pushed a little bit forward but that set i had unracked the barbell a little weird. In hindsight I was just a bit off center.

Today wasn’t my day at all for the bench press. I didn’t even successfully make one rep at all and it was only 170 pounds. I don’t know what the deal with that was. Maybe I was still burned out from the very heavy front squats.

The good mornings did go surprisingly well and I even stuck with the 115 pounds for three sets of ten. I debated on whether I should use that weight or just go down to 95 pounds after the tough morning on my squats but I made my reps at 115 with no problem. I figured when I started I could always back off on the weight if I needed to but it wasn’t necessary.

Music for my strength was Spiritus Mortis