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It's A Bit Warm But My Lifting Felt Great This Morning

Today is certainly a bit warmer than I would prefer and more humid than I would like, but it’s what should be expected as we’re transitioning from spring into summer. Just a few days ago we turned off the heater’s pilot light in the garage and now. I think it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities to turn the air conditioner on if it were in the window. It was at least tolerable today.

The front squats felt much better today than they did last time, when I’d failed. I lowered my weight for these back to 195 pounds and did my three sets of five. I just felt like I was moving much better today. Last session, I just felt off even while performing my warm-up sets, which is the biggest reason I was pretty quick to abort them.

After I completed my squats, it was time to move on to the strict press. For the presses, I was supposed to do three sets of five of them at 110 pounds. As it turned out, they felt really great today, so I went ahead and added in two extra sets since they were pretty light for me.

Next it was onto my power cleans. These were at 160 pounds for five sets of three. I had no issues with them and felt like I was moving pretty well. If anything, maybe I was catching them with too much weight on my heels. I was nice and quick with a good explosiveness with the cleans. More importantly, my timing felt excellent today.

Next up, I decided to do my hip thrusts at 160 pounds since that’s what the bar had already on it. I’m not super comfortable with these yet, with them feeling pretty awkward. I’ve lost enough fat that they hurt with the bar resting, or shall I say smashing my pelvis feels pretty unpleasant. I remember that Molly had bought a pad, so I decided to give that a try. That helped a lot and seemed to help the bar be a little more stable too. I could definitely use more posterior chain stuff, so I’ve been trying to remember to add these into the mix. I just have to make it a habit to include them now.

Music for today was Malignancy.

Time got away from me, and it got pretty hot today, so I ended up missing out on doing a WOD. I also wanted to do my weighted pull-ups but forgot about them too. Shit happens, so I will just double up tomorrow. It looks as if it should be a bit cooler then.