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Fuck It, I Tried Leggings For My Workout Today

The other thing about today that was a first but will definitely not be a last is I figured out a solution to the garage being a bit cooler. Sweatpants just don’t cut it. They’re too thick, too loose and just get in the way and distract me so much that they did more harm than good. I’ve noticed guys in videos wearing leggings lifting and such, and a few people at the old gym did at times.

It’s something I’ve been meaning to try but at the same time I don’t do boring plain colors or if there’s anything printed it’s camo. Camo is boring, and they printed ones were a bit more expensive, so I always thought that I would be screwed if I don’t like them. I wouldn’t feel right returning them if I wore them and found out I didn’t like them. I finally pulled the trigger and in just one day wearing them to lift and WOD ordered other ones from a different company to see if I like it better. That shit’s comfy as hell.

The cool thing about working out here in our garage and my girlfriend even reminded me is I can wear what I want. I don’t have to even wear shorts over them. Not that I have to, but in a public place. Here if anyone looks in the window and doesn’t like what they see, well then that’s their problem, not mine.

I’ve found a few places now that have colors and prints that I actually like. Ever since my last cornea transplant, I like bright colors, the brighter, the better! Everything after my eye recovered was so much brighter that I didn’t realize what I’d been missing. For whatever reason that graft failed, but I still like bright, maybe it just reminds me of what I could see at one point, or maybe I just like it. Doesn’t really matter.

I think they were warm but not hot and didn’t get in the way at all. It felt like it also gave my legs more body awareness to get a feeling of where they were and how they were bent, which is a good thing. For years, I’ve worn my compression shorts underneath of regular ones and that felt good other than my regular shorts becoming too big over time as I’ve been loosing lots of fat recently. Lifting and WODing too much and not eating enough FTW! Shit, even my jeans that were way too tight last spring are falling down.

It sucks that these meggings or leggings or whatever you want to call them are a bit pricey, but the fun ones I’d buy seem to be mostly hand made by small businesses, and it’s a good thing to support that anyway. My only regret is not trying them sooner. Had I been able to find them in a store, I probably would have.

With various things going on in life, I need to have a little more fun. Life is short.