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Pretty Happy With My Lifts Today

I’ve been tired all day. I slept well enough last night but just couldn’t seem to find much energy. The past couple of days I have been just feeling really run down. Physically tired would be a good way to put it. Ironically enough it’s how I was feeling before I got COVID almost exactly a year ago. Studies are showing that natural immunity is very strong so I’m not too concerned, plus I got my vaccine.

I also waited around to see if my new Nobull got here. I ordered the high tops to try them out. My regular Nobull that I got last year have been my favorite shoe for a lot of WODs and for lifting.

Back squats were up first on the agenda. They’re starting to get a bit up there in weight. They’re didn’t feel heavy but there’s getting to be enough weight that I’m well aware of it being there. For today’s program I had to do three sets of five of the back squats at 235. They felt good, so good in fact that I did five sets of them. The lifts were nice deep squats and very explosive. It’ll be interesting to see how far I will get with these considering I haven’t done back squats other than my twenty reps for quite a while.

Next up was the strict press. These were on the heavy side at 127 pounds for me and I expected there was a good chance I’d fail today. The first two sets felt great. The bar was moving well and not feeling that heavy. The last set even felt pretty good but I failed the last rep of that one. I don’t know why I didn’t fight harder for that rep but my brain shut it down. Oh well.

I did my power cleans next. I was supposed to do a much heavier weight at 175 pounds for them but given the way I was feeling and the fact that my back felt a little “off” yesterday I lowered them to 145 pounds. The light weight felt good and I felt as if it was a smart decision to just go lighter today. We’ll see how I feel next time they come up. I may stay lighter or maybe I’ll do the weight I was supposed to do today since I didn’t actually fail.

Finally, today I chose to do this week’s street parking deadlift program. I need to get better at these and an extra day of them will do me good I think. They were light since I only on my second week of this program. 175 pounds for fives and 205 pounds for triples. They felt good and it was just nice to do some extra deadlifts.

Music for today was Candlemass.